Little Things Can Make Big Difference

In many cases such schools projects, church activities, even in beauty contest, people are always asking what could you contribute to help the mother earth. But most of the time, people just say things and never do.

We are already aware of what’s happening to our land, tragedy all over the place, land slide, earth quakes, floods and all kinds of environment incidents that rarely happening before but frequently happening today. This post may not be the first time that you could read about saving-mother-earth.

Yes, you can turn off the lights when no-one is using.

Yes, you can switch to compact flaurescent lamps to save energy.

Yes, you can lessen your air-conditioner usage.

Yes, you can observe water.

Yes, you can lessen your usage of disposable items.

Yes, you can recycle your garbage.

But tell me, isn’t tempting to not do these things when you see other people not doing it?

I could only say is a small prayer – that God may help us…

A little prayer can make big difference.

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